Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More Distractions

As I mentioned earlier, I had tickets to the WTA Championships. Six days. That ended Monday night, not when Sharapova beat Williams but when Shaughnessy/Petrova beat Black/Stubbs. (Doesn't black stubbs sound like something that's about to fall off?) I did take along my ornament rr and stitched in the changeovers and between matches and sometimes when I just got bored. (It's really the dude and our friend who are into tennis.) And this was way too much tennis, even for them. We've been getting home between 11:30-12:00 for the past week. And the fun hasn't stopped; our friend defended his dissertation last Friday, so we took Friday off from tennis to celebrate with him. Now that the tennis is over, he wants our attention. Fortunately, he leaves tomorrow, and we should be back to the quiet little life that lets me find time to sit and stitch.

And I need some time. I have two rrs to get out in the next week. Of course, I have been stitching on the ones that go out 3rd and 4th not realizing where I was. So yesterday, I sat down and ordered my rr stitching priorities.

I've got to spend time getting the English Christmas gifts together. I've--well, I'm not entirely willing to take all the responsibility for this--totally missed the mailing deadline, and now we're going to have to spend more to get things there on time. Ugh. I wish I could get the dude to plan ahead. He's such a fucking procrastinator. I still have no birthday present from him. Hell, he hasn't mailed the card I made for his nephew whose birthday was in

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