Monday, October 18, 2004


I was wondering why all the blogs that I read didn't have a Stitching Bloggers QOTW answer. Jen's taking a holiday from it. Holiday! My brain needs a holiday on Mondays--which is why I rely on the SBQOTW. I've come to realize that a two day weekend is just not enough for me. Now to find the career that matches my desired hours...

On Friday, the RR Reproductions Beach Plum linen arrived from Elegant Stitch. It's for the Sisters and Best Friends Round Robin I am doing (Chilly Willy and His Best Friend Nick). First mail date is Nov. 1. So I hopped right to it on Friday night (it had been a long, hard day at work). So I started stitching and even put in a grid, which I never, ever do. Well, on Saturday, I was almost done the 30 x 127 section. I went to stitch the tops of the stick arms, and realized that the grid was off and that I hadn't started stitching in the middle of the pattern. How much do you hate when the designer can't put a frickin' arrow to mark the middle of the chart? Oh right, you probably know how to count. I know I've reported below that I was first diagnosed as "careless" in Sister Karen's calculus class. Well, I haven't gotten any better. So I spent the first two football games of Sunday taking out every damn stitch I had done, which was the topmost 30 stitches all the way across the pattern (draw a line at the bottom of Santa's face). Fortunately, the Sox and Yankees provided me an excuse to stay up late and stitch. I've nearly finished. Then, I'll try to grid it again. Third time's a charm.

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