Thursday, September 30, 2004

That Time of the Month?

I can't believe it's already time to review how I did on my "rotation"--if we even want to call it that any more. Here's what I said I would work on:

finish MIL's booga bag
finish neice/nephew's baby blanket
Another Martini 10 hours
cuz2, scarf
cuz3, scarf

I am planning on leaving work a bit early to get to the yarn shop before it closes so I can get more hot pink Salsa for the scarf I haven't finished. I'll also swing by Joann's to get the yarn for the baby blanket.

October goals:
finish and send baby blanket
finish birth band sampler, you know, when they finally name the baby
make small wedding sampler for 10/25
work on my sister's poncho
start Wee Ones Round Robin
start Freebie Round Robin

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