Thursday, August 12, 2004

Making Friends Wherever we Are

Last night as we waited in the Philadelphia Airport (oh, and there's another place that sucks) to return to Los Angeles, I was befriended by The Stitching Flight Attendant. Have you ever noticed? There's always one. She--and it's almost always a she--will sneak up to your row to see what you are working on. She knows the best places to shop, because she's visited all the places. She loves to talk stitching with you. Well, last night's--Kathryn/Catherine--fell in love with Roly Poly Santa. So we chatted about Stores to Visit (Ginger's), about The Silver Needle, and about the Silver Needle retreats. I warned her that they were rustic, but she's enthused about attending! When I arrived home I found that the Silver Needle has upgraded their retreats! I can't wait to go in March to find out about the new facility. I'm guessing that I'm going to have to go without MB, but I'm a big enough girl. What I liked best, though, about the SFA was that she was appalled to think anyone would limit the number of projects they had going at once!

While on my trip, I worked on my Roly Poly Santa (updated photos as soon as they get our office functioning normally--they don't even expect us to have phones until Tuesday!), finished the "no-hair-day" hat, and got to the point on the Sophie bag where I need the dpns for the i-cord. My niece insisted on holding the yarn while I stitched in the car. Every few stitches, she'd ask, "More yarn?" and I usually replied, "Yes, please, more yarn." Being four, she would occasionally forget why she was holding the yarn and would begin wrapping it around her legs. Occasionally annoying, it amounted to no real harm, and she got to feel like she was helping auntie. She was thrilled by the no-hair-day hat, so I started knitting her one on the flight home. I'd like to knit a simple sweater that had a fun fur trim, if you've seen a pattern for that somewhere...

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