Thursday, July 22, 2004

Too Much Floss

I've been working on this watercolor geranium for about seven hours now. I hate it. The fabric's 28 count, and the pattern calls for three strands of floss. Since I started it five years ago, before I had ever used just one strand on 28 or 32 cound fabric for Ewe and Eye and Friends' projects, I used all three. Now it feels like I am forcing the floss onto the fabric. It's not coming out stiff--like when I used six strands on a waste canvas sweatshirt project I was doing. I thought I had a 10 ct. waste canvas, but it was 14 ct. That came out STIFF! By my fabulous Auntie Em, for whom it was a gift, wore it until the sweatshirt deteriorated (that stitching wasn't going anywhere, despite repeated washings!).
What a pain. At least I don't have too many hours left. Then it's back to the afghan. I think these ten hours may do it. Fingers crossed.

Here's an update on the Treasured Tulips too.  As I was working on this, I realized I may have forgotten more than I knew about drawn thread work.

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