Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I thought I was supposed to be whittling down the stash...

Last Friday, I went to the LNS from which the owner is retiring. She's having a bang-up 50% off sale. I know I am supposed to be paring down the "stuff" I have, but some of these, okay, one was really important.
drawn thread: birth band plus fabric
brightneedle: friendship (more spirals!)
sisters and best friends: button border pumpkins (another spiral)
ewe&eye&friends: polka dot heart scissor companion
twisted threads: pumpkin gingham
shepherd's bush: teri's stocking

In the backroom, I actually spent good time going through the 50-cent charts. Most of the stuff was dated, but I did manage to find a surprise for a friend who reads the blog; mosey 'n me: you are my sunshine (it's in their catalog, which operates on frames); and threadbear creations: peter, peter pumpkin eater. The latter two are for the Dude. Here's the story on those: I have this fear of circular stairs. (Perhaps resulting in a spiral obsession?) When we were first dating, we flew to NYC for spring break and when we were climbing down the Statue of Liberty, I had a panic attack. It was ugly. So he sang to me. First he sang "You are My Sunshine." Then he sang, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." He cracks me up. So I got the Mosey 'n Me chart to celebrate that moment. They don't make too many Monty Python charts. Now, there's a niche market. I got the Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater because one of our best friends read that at our wedding. Obviously, my husband is called Peter. Mike, our friend who did the reading, did it totally deadpan, like he was reading great literature. It was hilarious, and added the appropriate touch to the ceremony.

I never noticed that I have a tendency to buy loads of pumpkin charts--three on one trip. A third of the charts! And it's not like I don't have enough at home. It's definitely not a conscious decision, except for Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater. I'm wondering if I just like pumpkins, or if I like the color orange more than I thought.

I also got three mini pillows to help with the finishing. The two HIHN Monthly Manias that I've done (August and January, go figure) match the ones I bought perfectly. I didn't even buy them with anything in mind, so that worked out well. But now I'm wondering if I shouldn't frame those pieces instead. I was telling the Dude that I thought I could sew ribbon on the pillows to hang them so they can be part of my seasonal gallery. He has even bigger plans. He thinks I should have a whole wall where from one end to the other all the months are represented. I suppose almost everything I've completed can fit in those parameters. And I've got enough stitching to fill a long hallway--if I ever get it framed or finished appropriately.

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