Thursday, July 15, 2004


Yesterday, the computer system at work went down before I had a chance to update. Not that I had anything particular to say... My husband loved the stitched piece I made for him. He really likes primative stuff, especially if items are out of proportion. The first stitched piece I made for us (as opposed to the millions I had made for my mom, or a wedding present, or for babies) was a Catherine Theron design that was in Just Cross-stitch. It had two flowers in pots on the sides and a house with a squirrel that was about a quarter of the size of the house. (Imagine if squirrels were that big. Eek.)

I'm starting to slow down here with ideas. Loyal readers, and not so loyal readers, can write and ask questions. About stitching. That's what we're here for. I see lots of people are writing about the demise of their favorite stitching boards. I don't know how people read those things. Especially the ones that go so far off topic. I don't really see stitching boards as places to find the kind of comfort people seem to seek in them. But then, I know I am out of step. Oh, so horribly out of step.

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