Monday, June 28, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Travel, and a rant about grammar and spelling

1. Do you take something new to stitch when you travel - a special travel stitching project? I always just assess which of my current projects is most portable. I do always have at least one project with me.
2. Do you plan your trips around stitching shops?
Once when I was doing research in Syracuse, I consulted my [rather dated] "There Must be a Cross-Stitch Store around Here Someplace!" We located two shops in the area--one was going out of business. What a treat. The other shop was located in The Most Depressing Mall in America. It was the only shop that seemed to be doing well. We did take a detour on our drive back to Baltimore to visit a store in Endicott. Great idea. I do try to look up stores wherever I travel, but I don't think it's a tragedy if I don't visit.
3. Do you believe that if you cross state lines you MUST by fibers? First of all, it's BUY not BY. No, I don't.
4. Where have you stitched?
Alaska, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia; Tczew, Poland; Durham, UK; London and lots of transnational and transatlantic flights.
5. Do your friends/family bring you stitching related gifts when they travel? My mil sends me things from England usually with an English theme, like the kit of the bridge in Newcastle. My aunt once got me a covered bridge kit from the area where she has a summer house. I bought a kit in Alaska featuring a representation of one of the Tlingit moeities. I'd like to find more things that I actually liked when I travel.

Why make such a fuss over the by/buy screw-up? Well, read Angelsan's blog. She's not a native English speaker, and "by" makes no sense in place of "buy." Think of it, the question is like asking, "do you travel via fiber?" That's why spelling and punctuation and grammar are important. Language only works because we all agree to adhere to rules. There's no reason why people should have to work so hard to understand what you've written. (school marm hat off)

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