Tuesday, June 29, 2004

New Photos

I've been remiss in updating the afghan photos, mostly because I've been remiss in working on the afghan. But it's all coming together now! New afghan pictures of the jasmine, sweet William (which I have been calling the sweet pea forever), narcissus, hydrangea, and peony. I suppose I'm going to have to update the picture of the entire afghan too.

I forgot to report that when I bought the silk ribbon I needed to finish the Trio of Hearts (you can see those little colonial knots in the last photo) I also got an Elegant Stitch grab bag. $30 for $100 worth of stuff: Just Because by Attic Window Design Group, Full Moon and Fruitful Clusters by Good Huswife, A Stitch in Time and Eliza Wentz Sampler from Old Willow Design Group, a lighthouse pin and a beaded needlecase by Mill Hill, and a "Kind Heart" pin (maybe I'll wear that in a public performance of irony). There was at least $35 of stuff I loved, and more that I'll be able to gift to stitching friends. A pretty good deal, but you really take your chances with grab bags! I've received some pathetic ones (from unnamed sources). I thought I needed a treat since, up until that time, I hadn't started anything new. Now, I just have to not buy and not start anything new until the Needlepoints West annual sale/preparation for a new owner. She's been having a sale since she announced she was retiring, so I hope there is still good stuff left in mid-July!

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