Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Thinking about Stitching

1. What is your most treasured needlework possession?
Does it count if you don't possess it? I promise to stop whinging about the lost cross-stitch bag some day! I guess right now it's my Ott Lite.
2. What is your greatest fear when doing needlework?
I don't have that many fears. It's not brain surgery after all. I guess it's finishing because my sewing skills are pretty atrocious.
3. What is your greatest extravagance in needlework? Traveling to needlework retreats.
4. What is your stitching motto? It's not brain surgery!
5. What do you dislike most about your needlework?
I guess that I'm a bit careless--Sister Karen diagnosed that in high school calculus. Combine that character defect with the fact that I'm lazy, and most of my pieces are pretty flawed. I simply can't be bothered to spend too much time futzing about.

Thanks to Hazel for using my suggestions, but I didn't make these questions up. All props go to Catherine Amoroso Leslie, who does the Portrait column in Piecework. These are her questions. To their credit, most needlework designers don't have needlework fears either.

As I suspected, I did get a lot of needlework done this long weekend. The Dude was playing in a chess tournament so I was stuck at home with no car (and no food since we've just returned from housesitting). I managed to complete the baby sampler--Livian May was born on 5/27. Don't ask me about the name. I have no idea. See my post back in February where I warned people to think before they chose a name. I stand by that.

I'm almost done Professor Fizzby's Freebee too--I just have one wing to back stitch. It's very impressive. At least the s.o. thinks so. I also spent a great deal of time stitching a bunch of ornaments into pillows. I started making some wall hangings out of other pieces, but I only have polyfill stuffing rather than batting. The only one of my May goals that I didn't finish is the afghan. Ugh. I've got to get on that! Tonight I plan to stuff and hand stitch the ornaments while we watch taped tennis (the Dude and friend are interested). Tomorrow I'll go to Joann's and get some DMC for cording and some batting. I hope to have finished several ornaments and wall hangings by this weekend. Then, I really have to focus on the afghan.

June goals
  • complete the afghan
  • ten hours on watercolor geraniums
  • ten hours on Toy Gatherer
  • complete Professor Fizzby's Freebee
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