Thursday, April 29, 2004


I was sick yesterday and too bored to stitch. So I went through about 80 magazines ripping out the charts I would do (and other crafts I would craft) and throwing the rest away. I noticed that I subscribed to The Needleworker for too long; I threw some of those away untouched. But in their last issue there was a Scottish sampler and I like to keep the Scottish stuff since my MIL is from Orkney. It was the first of three parts. D'oh! I haven't checked out Piecework yet--Needleworker did continue in there as an insert. So many stitching magazines have passed away since I started stitching: Needleworker, Cross Stitch Sampler, Cross-Stitch and Country Crafts, McCalls Needlework, and Celebrations. And those are just the ones I subscribed to! I think I may be forgetting a couple of them. No wonder I have a bazillion patterns that I'll never get to. At least I didn't pay all that much for them!

Do you think it would be too snotty of me to offer my services to bloggers with poor grammar skills? (I do have a Ph.D. in English.) I'm tired of reading the blogs of people who have no idea where to put a word or who have really atrocious spelling (I'm not much of a speller, but I do spell check or eventually correct the typos and missing words). I don't mind people making up words so long as the ones we have are inadequate. But it's making me flashback to grading hundreds of students' essays. I can't take it.

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