Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Stitcher's Five: Specialty Stitches

Do you like to use specialty stitches when you stitch? Yes.
Can you do a perfect french knot? Yes.
What is your favourite stitch? Rice stitch (for the texture; it's also pretty easy and relaxing) or queen stitch (because mine are so good)
Are you currently working on any projects with specialty stitches and if so which ones? In my UFO pile, I have Treasured Tulips by Nutmeg Needle—that has the fabled coral knots and has some cutwork as well. Moss Creek’s Elizabethan Rose is loaded with buttonhole stitch. Twisted Threads’ Trio of Hearts has Algerian Eye, silk ribbon embroidery, and Rhodes stitch. C.A. Wells’s Noel ornament is loaded with Palestrina knots (of course).
Name a specialty stitch you would most love to learn how to do. Well, my dove’s eyes kind of suck… and I had a class once on coral knots, and I’m definitely learning disabled when it comes to those.