Monday, March 22, 2004

Thirteen Days and Counting...

I've almost finished the jasmine pot--just one more color and some backstitching. Then, it's on to the hydrangea which is the last flower before I try to finish the backstitching.
But enough about that. More about me!
1. Where do you stitch? - describe your stitching area.
I stitch either while stretched out on the couch or in my comfy chair near the window (northern exposure). By the chair, I have a small table that is covered with my supplies--an ort bag (that I haven't emptied in 10 years!), scissors (three pairs at this writing), floss, the Ott light and the doololly. There are other miscellaneous things there as well, like an archival box filled with DMC floss number stickers, a couple of packs of needles, and a few skeins of floss that need filing. If I can get the couch before the s.o., I stretch out with the flosses I'm using strewn about the back of the couch and the supplies on the coffee table--except the ort bag, it lives where it lives. In the event that I am stitching on the couch, the orts go on the coffee table. I usually stitch in hand, though with the afghan, I've been using Q-snaps, and I've developed a habit of stitching with both hands (one hand manipulating the needle above the fabric and the other below).
2. What time of the day do you usually stitch?
I work a regular 9-5 so I stitch in the evenings; on the weekends, I stitch all day if I can--especially with the deadline looming.
3. Do you stitch by yourself or with someone else?
By myself, but I really enjoy talking while I stitch. I wish I had more stitching friends.
4. How long do you usually stitch for?
During the week, I only put in a couple of hours. On the weekends it's longer. For example, last Sunday I stitched between 7-9 and then 12-5 and then 7-9 again.
5. Do you listen to music or watch TV/DVDs when stitching or do you prefer quiet? I prefer to watch TV or a DVD while I stitch.