Monday, March 01, 2004

Still no pictures

I am nearly finished with the sweet pea. This is the square that has gone the quickest, even though it is not necessarily the smallest. I think I am going to move onto the signature block in a few days--that one should go quickly too. And, once I've put in the "Wrought in the years 2000-2004," that means I will have to finish before next year. That will leave me with the jasmine pot and the hydrangea to complete. Since I will have a solid week of vacation to work on them, I have become rather optimistic. And the old ball and chain has entered a chess tournament for Saturday, so I won't have to divide my attention from the project this weekend. Plus I will have several hours of flying time between the trip to Tulsa (woohoo!) and the trip to NH. My stitching fingers will be dry and flakey, but I will have the best damn 60th birthday present my mother is likely to get.

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