Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I am an inveterate listmaker. I've got lists for everything. My husband used to make fun of me, but now he's been converted to the packing list, perhaps the most important of the genre.

With the help of new pages for my Geek Book, I have reached a pinnacle (or is it a nadir?) in the trivial list: "Finished but not Framed." This list was created and formatted by Kelly. This is a great site if you're a list lover like me. I went through and listed all of the items I have finished since (about) 1995 that have not been framed (or "finished"). My list takes up more than both sides of one page:
To frame: Christmas Cake, Ewe & Eye & Friends; Acorn and Squirrel, Bent Creek; Spring, The Trilogy; Renaissance Angel, Mill Hill; Purple Heart, Ewe & Eye & Friends; January and August Monthly Mania, Heart in Hand;
To finish as a wall-hanging: Thanksgiving, Silver Needle's Secret Needle Night; Reindeer, SNSNN; Apple, SNSNN; 2002 Christmas Keepsake, Heart in Hand; Mosey and Me bunny/carrot from camp last year (scroll to bottom); Wooly, Bent Creek.
To finish as a pillow: Ho Ho Ho, Lizzie*Kate; the project from my Polish stitching student.
To finish as a hanging pillow ornament: some unidentified ornaments, probably from JCS: snowman, 2 reindeer ornaments, celtic tin top (actually that's a mistake that I'm finishing as an ornament); from two hour cross-stitch a snowflake and a silhouette of a moose; snowman, Mosey 'n' me; Heart in Hand, Noel Ornament; Santa Ornament, Mosey n Me; Spider Ornament, Lizzie*Kate; Bah Humbug, Curtis Boehringer; Jane Greenoff trout kit my mil bought me; Joy ornament, Graphs by Cheryl and Barbara; Joy; Orchid, Lilac Studio; Happy Winter, Samsarah; red heart and blue heart Sweetheart Tree
To finish in another manner: Shoes, Heinzit.
To send for professional finishing: Heart's Content: tree annual ornament, plum pudding 1997 annual ornament, hark from JCS; Moss Creek Celtic Knot; Theron Traditions Diminutive Sewing Roll and the Sewing Chest's mini pouch.


Now remind me why I didn't pay more attention to sewing classes in home ec.

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