Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So. . . Much . . . New . . .Stuff

I know there are more Nashville Market Reports out there, but I've read my first one and there's so much great stuff! Check out Elegant Stitch's report. As you may recall, I when I am not stitching the afghan, I have my husband's anniversary present to work on (Carriage House Sampling's Hearts and Flowers). At first I thought it would be cute to follow the "traditional anniversary gifts": paper, cotton, etc. But now I think, why not stitch a little something for him every year? (Um, because I'm *still* stitching the present from last July?) I was inspired by Good Huswife's "I Thee Wed"; Sheepish Design's "Token of Love"; and the Trilogy's "Wedding Spots". At least they're all pretty small...

The afghan is rolling along. I took a picture on Monday night, but work's been busy, and I haven't had a chance to upload it. I might have time to manipulate the picture and put it up on Friday. At the very least, the picture is taken and the progress will be documented. I had hoped to get a lot more done on it this past weekend, but the s.o. has broken some toes and because he doesn't understand the concept of rest, he's put himself on crutches. This whole ordeal has kept him on the couch far too long, and he was getting difficult, so I took him to the Long Beach convention center, rented him a wheelchair, and took him around the L.A. Times Travel Show. At least two men told me what a great wife I was. (Just what I always wanted to be when I grew up! Squeal.) We had fun playing with people, and their ideas about disability, by telling them we had hiked around Alaska on our honeymoon. (You could see the wheels spinning.) It was sort of funny to watch people backpedal after they told us there was some great golf at their resort. People.

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