Wednesday, October 08, 2003

hell in a handbasket

Well, here we are. Governor "Tongue-in-the-[Anus]" Schwarzenegger. It doesn't have anything to do with me, folks. I was going to say that you didn't come here for this kind of rant because stitching is pretty apolitical, but that's not true on two counts. First, stitching has been used as a political tool in the past, and can be yet again. Needleworkers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your [insert something clever here]! I highly recommend Roszika Parker's book The Subversive Stitch for more on the political uses of stitching. Perhaps more importantly, the comments feature got used to ask what the hell is going on in California. Well, Laran was nicer than that. [A note on the comments feature. It's gone buggy and I seem to be the only person who can't read it, but I think that's because the office hasn't updated Explorer or Netscape in a hound's age. I've got someone helping me out with it all though.]

I can't explain California's election. On one hand, the process of being able to recall an elected official is a pretty good one; direct democracy and all that. OTOH, being able to buy signatures isn't what they had in mind back in the 19th century when they decided direct democracy was a good thing. I think having a direct election--no primary, no run-off--is way stupid. But let us turn to the new governor. Personally, I think he won't be able to correct California's troubles. It's systemic and nationwide. Do people think that they've elected the Terminator, someone who can make it all all right at the end of 180 minutes? I'm not sure; some probably did. Do I think they're going to wake up in about 6 months and say, "hey, he's got no platform and he sexually harasses women?" Um, you betcha. I think it's going to be Clarence Thomas meets Jesse Venutra all over. But what do I know? I really thought the recall wouldn't go through because people would be disgusted that $2M from some businessman means that we spend $70M to have an election...

It took me about 20 minutes to vote although there was a long line. So I was able to go buy the yarn for my fil's scarf (he finally told me the color of his coat). Now I can begin it on the ride to Vegas, baby (hey, when your world goes straight to hell, you really need an escape--booze, bright lights, sex, gambling, everything). As a result of all this activity, I spent only an hour last night backstitching the gladiolus while watching "my murders"--that's what the Dude calls The New Detectives. But I've got all the outlining stitches done, just have to do a little bit of the detail on the leaves.

Now I've got to write a letter to the Jo-Ann's in Santa Monica. They have no lights in their parking lot. A store mainly for women with women employees, and there are no lights! That's a kidnap-rape-murder waiting to happen. Oh, happy post.