Tuesday, September 09, 2003

If I had just had the weekend, I would have finished before the new one came out!

I was away from my computer this weekend, down at Del Mar. Had I been able to post, I would have completed my review of the JCS Ornament Issues before the 2003 edition came out. But I will plug on...

Most disappointingly, in 2000, Theron Traditions snuck in a recycled ornament. She taught it at the Celebration of Needlework in NH in 1998, maybe [MB: you remember when?]. Not only had I already stitched it by 2000, but it had actually hung on the tree, which you know means I finished something. Everybody gets the finishing distinction, right? As in giving a finished appearance to something: gluing on a backing, sewing into a stuffed shape, putting a frame on it.

But we'll forgive Ms Theron because she didn't release the little bird widely.

In this issue I stitched Birds of a Feather "Christmas Heart" (the Dickens quote, done on jury duty); Kitty & Me's "Christmas Cardinal" (this was finished for my trainer who is from one of the seven states that has the cardinal as its state bird, finished); Mosey 'n Me's "Once a Year Visitor" (cute Frank-like Santa in a mint green coat); SamSarah's "Happy Winter" (with lots of cute buttons from their company); Twisted Threads' "Fa La La"; Lizzie * Kate's "Christmas Spider" (which is missing the spider); Bent Creek's "Angel of Joy" (which I did twice with different hair/eye color combinations for my nieces).

Again, there are 10 more I'd like to do. Especially, "No Peeking" by DKT Originals. I think she designed it just for me. I'm much too old for this type of behavior (much, much too old), but I just hate waiting for surprises. Over the years I have become very adept at unwrapping and rewrapping presents so I can find out what's in there. The wide-spread use of gift bags has really taken the fun out of my bad behavior.

The weirdo ornaments in this edition are the Christmoose tree, a combination Christmas tree and moose (see, it's not even a bad pun!), the golfing Santa (Santa may or may not enjoy golfing, but I'm pretty sure he ditches the red suit for this activity), and the good old Christmas butterfly. That last one will require more research--just like the Christmas clown.

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