Sunday, August 24, 2003

What are you working on?

I’ve got about 20 projects going if you count everything I’ve started but haven’t completed. I’ve had to put it all aside to get my mother’s 60th birthday present finished for next April. I am doing Maureen Appleton’s Floral Afghan. I started about 2 years ago, but was working at the rate of about one square per year because I had so many other things that needed doing. Now that I realized that I have about 3 weeks per block left before the Big Party, I’ve had to cut out every other project.

I’ve done the Canterbury Bells, Impatiens Basket, geraniums, lilacs, and rosehips. I’m in the middle of the magnolia which is due to be finished by September 5th.

Other projects on the go: Shepherd’s Bush, Toy Gatherer; Birds of a Feather, “A Man of Sense”; a bunch of Sandy Cozzolino’s Santa ornaments; about half a dozen projects I started at classes but haven’t finished; Terence Nolan’s St. Basil’s Cathedral; Twisted Threads, Itty Bitty Trio of Hearts. On April 6th I’m planning on getting back to some of these projects that have gone by the wayside.

I’ve also got to be better about finishing. I’ve taken a couple of classes recently to help with this. One at The Silver Needle’s stitching retreat, where I learned to sew a box; another was an online class from Elegant Needle where I made a square standup. Much better, no sewing. One day I’m going to really figure out my sewing machine and finish the ornaments I have hanging in the closet. There must be about 20. With the dozens of perforated paper Santas I have, that’d be one helluva tree.

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