Monday, August 21, 2017

Maggie Monday - A Special Visit

We were up in Maine last week--okay we came home last Monday--and that return was followed by back-to-back work retreats. (And there's another one this week!) So I'm just now getting around to reporting that I visited with Maggie*. She's still living la vida loca heading out to her local haunt two nights a week for her martini, although her legs are slowing down and her vision is worsening. 

Maggie: Come here and show me your face.
Me: [puts my face three inches from her good eye]
Maggie: Oh, that's you! So tell me, are you fat or skinny?
Me: [glances over to my mother]
Mother: [gives me the "tell the truth" look] (because she believes in The Truth over all else.)
Me: I'm fat. [Puts her hand on my leg.]
Maggie: Now that's a LEG.

Maggie forever!
Last month I had hoped to complete the dude's annual anniversary piece, but I didn't start it until the end of the month. Still, it's begun. This is 47 Hearts by Silver Creek. I'm using the called-for colors on a fabric of some sort. Sorry about the fold.

I've been working on Christian's Stocking as I prescribed for August. Stay tuned!

*If you haven't met my 95 year old grandmother, you can read about some of her antics:
An Introduction (last para)


Linda said...

What a great photo Nikki.


Robin in Virginia said...

Super photo you shared; glad to hear that Maggie is still venturing out for her martini! Good start on the Dude's anniversary piece.

Daffycat said...

Lordy, I adore your Grandmother!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How wonderful to hear that Maggie is still going strong and enjoying her martini nights out!
Lovely to see some stitching too.

Beth said...

Maggie rocks! And tells it like it is. She'd probably tell me my leg resembled a tree trunk.

Astrids dragon said...

Your Grandmother is adorable!
Nice start on your piece.

Adrienne said...

I’ve missed Maggie! She’d like my leg, too....