Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Cursed Ladybug

This pattern is going to be adorable when it is done, but it's got problems.

First, it went AWOL. So I hadn't stitched on it for a while. And then when I started stitching the word ladybug (seen here) I noticed that the pattern called for one thread over two. But if you look closely at the ladybug parts I've already stitched--the insect, not the word--you can definitely tell that I started by stitching two over two.

The floss that the word is stitched in is called Ladybug by Weeks. And it's perfectly ladybug, a bright red giving way to black with a section that is most definitely both red and black together. It's a great color but it was discontinued. So I'm trying to figure out how I am going to stitch the entire alphabet around the edge with the 18 strands I have.

This definitely means I can't switch to two over two. The central bug will have to be unstitched.

So here I was on the Google box trying to find out when Ladybug was discontinued when I see these words "we will never discontinue a fiber or fabric" (emphasis original). And I thought, well that's a lie because I cannot buy Ladybug anywhere. And I clicked through to see Weeks has a whole process for your LNS to order retired colors. Now that's a pretty fine distinction, but there you have it! I'm getting on this tomorrow, when I see my LNS ladies again at the stitch-in.


Robin in Virginia said...

That Ladybug is a pretty color. Hope you are able to get more of it the discontinued thread.

Bea said...

Retired, discontinued, whatever word you use it boils down to you can't find it. Silly company.Hope your LNS can help.

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely colour thread and very annoying that it is discontinued, must be available somewhere. You could save thread by stitching the alphabet letters a tiny bit smaller or by introducing another grey tone to stitch some of the letters.

Linda said...

Great start Nikki and I love the ladybug floss.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Some things are sent to try us! I'm sure it will look amazing when you finally get the thread. I've never heard of reclusive thread, it's not discontinued, it's just really hard to get!