Sunday, November 06, 2016

Stitch In Saturday

This was a wonderful weekend for stitching! I got to sit on my butt with a bunch of other stitchers and stitch my fingers to the bone. What's better than that? On Saturday, I picked up Wisteria Snowman. Click to see what it looked like in September.

In addition to Strawberry Sampler regulars, there was a special guest, Diane from Silver Creek Samplers. She is from northeastern Pennsylvania and was good enough to pack up all her models and charts and join us. (She doesn't ship
out trunk shows since she stitches her own models.) So we got to see everything, even the ones the shop doesn't usually stock. (There were four displays, like the one pictured below, with at least this many models.) There were four new patterns among the pieces but they won't be released until market. (Sorry, I arrived a bit late and missed the intro.)

I found four charts I liked, two for me and two for the dude. I have always loved Promise of Spring and since I was getting the others, I had to. The sheep was too cute to pass up, though the dude had an extraordinarily difficult time reading it. I loved the idea of forty-seven hearts, but I'm not sure if I'm a couple years late (the dude's 48) or if I have to wait until our 47th anniversary. The umbrella sampler is wonderful, though I think it's hilarious that it is a sampler with ducks on it...and I'm always saying how people complaining about ducks and geese in cross stitch are relying on stereotypes. LOL

Speaking of stereotypes, some days in groups of women are better than others, and I have to say Saturday wasn't great. There were a lot of women talking about things which some women find a lot more interesting than I do (children, sports) and using such stereotypes--about their own people! Fortunately, there was no election talk so I just stuffed my gob full of this dip, kept my head down, and stitched!

In addition, to seeing the trunk show, I was sitting right near where Diane was showing her ideas file to Beth from the shop. So I got to see her future ideas file. Let me tell you, you are going to looooooove the Christmas sampler which will probably come out next year. What a lucky break!

Even more stitching was done today, can't wait to share tomorrow!


Needle Nicely said...

As another childless woman/couple, it is irritating when the emphasis seems to be on descendants (I've retyped that three times, I opted for the final a, rather than e!).
Just came from a cul-de-sac "Coming out Party" which a young family gives every year so we know their children and they know us. In Florida, with the summer heat, we tend to spend more time inside. But the conversation of: Children, Grandchildren, Granddogs--my husband's eyes were glazing! We made a tactfully-timed departure.

Needle Nicely said...

By the way, I think any time is appropriate for 47 hearts! To me, that means you share a lot of love.

Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time retreating. I really like the charts that came home with you. I need to check out the 47 heart pieces. I wonder if you can squeeze in a few more hearts. Thanks for the link for the dip!

Bea said...

Great charts you selected and nice progress on snowman. Smart reaction to the uninteresting discussion. I've developed a few avoidance techniques of my own over the years.

blue star stitcher said...

What a fun retreat. I like Silver Creek samplers designs, but have yet to stitch one. I do like the charts you picked out, and how lucky to get to sit right next to her.

E Wilburn said...

Silver Creek is one of the designers I often gravitate toward...really need to stitch more of her things! (I bought the "Santa's Magic Key" piece a few years back, since we don't have a chimney, but haven't stitched it yet.)

I get your frustration with the conversation. Heck, I HAVE a child, and sometimes the constant chatter about how wonderful everyone's kids/grandkids are makes me stabby. (When I reach my limit, I will throw out a story of my own. For example - "oh, your kid/grandkid loves science? Well, MY kid picked up roadkill at the bus stop and carried it around in her backpack all day. Yay science!" Amazing how the conversation changes direction for a while after such gems. LOL

Linda said...

Nice progress Nikki. Sounds like a fun weekend.


Paula said...

You lucky duck!!!! I love Silver Creek Samplers. I am waiting(and waiting) on Seeds of Freedom to come in the mail. I was wanting to stitch if for my dad for Christmas. He is a huge Civil War buff.
As for stereotypes have you visited Stitch Maynia on facebook or watched any floss tube videos? I am thrilled to say I have seen no stereotypes there...except for maybe lots of cat people. I am a cat person so I can say that.
Thanks for sharing the picture of her models. I've been on the fence about the Do Re Mi piece. That's a lot of stitching!

Melinda Forbes said...

Thinking I need to revisit Silver Creek Samplers I love your charts. Your post did make me smile - especially the speaking of Stereotypes. UGH.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the Silver Creek fonts they design. Those four samplers are lovely.
Having a non standard issue child tends to derail any conversations about children! Several of the parents at my Toddler Group are doing Slimming World and those conversations drive me insane LOL. At least they leave all the chocolate biscuits to me though.

Beth said...

I have Promise of Spring - I think it is an especially fitting stitch post-election.