Friday, November 04, 2016

Fences--Cinnamon Stars

I made it through this week! Last night I had some time, so I took out Cinnamon Stars and worked on building fences. I don't know how many photos of tiny bits of projects you're going to be able to stand this month!

I'm sorry that I showed off a pattern that you can't get. The Stitching Circle patterns are exclusive to Silver Needle and the subscription is sold out.


Robin in Virginia said...

I like your fence building efforts on Cinnamon Stars. You post 'em and we will enjoy 'em. Have a fabulous time at the retreat!

Bea said...

We'll take as much as you post. Have a wonderful weekend.

Beth W said...

I think it's nifty to see that- your glimpses of the pattern may be the only time I see it! And your productivity continues to inspire me. I think I'm getting about 30 stitches per week on my one project (too many competing priorities). Ugh.
Way to go you!

Linda said...

Love seeing your progress pics Nikki. Keep them coming.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice fence work. It's good to see some photos of different designs too.