Monday, February 16, 2015

Maggie Monday: Be On the Lookout

My aunt wrote to tell me that Maggie has taken to listening to the radio since her vision is so bad. The other day, she called my aunt, who lives in Merrimack, N.H., to tell her police there were on the look out for a guy with pointy teeth. "Lock your door and lay low," she said. Apparently, she only caught the end of the story...

This is the guy they're after.

You've probably seen that in light of the seven feet of snow they are buried under, the Merrimack police have put out an arrest warrant for Punxsutawney Phil. (You can read about it here.)

I know so many of you enjoy stories about my grandmother, but she is having a terribly difficult winter. She's not able to get out as much, and she's starting to feel lonely (plus two of her regular '"rides" are in the hospital). I sort of wish she'd consent to assisted living because then she'd be stuck inside with a bunch of other people and occasional entertainment. I wish there were something we could do, like all drop by. Sending cards--and you know how she likes to open cards--doesn't seem like it will work because her vision has deteriorated to the point my aunt has to read things to her. She describes herself as "not much of a phone person" (it's genetic), or I'd start giving out her phone number, I swear. If you have any bright ideas, let me know!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

When my Nana was in the residential home the staff used to arrange for a manicurist to visit regularly. As well as a little bit of pampering it was a chance to have physical contact with another person, something a lot of the people missed out on if they didn't have regular visitors.
My sister used to send postcards because then one of the staff would sit down and read them to Nana.
Maybe people could record messages for her which she could play back, how is her hearing?

Nina said...

Thank you for another giggle.
I know how you feel, we had to put my father into assisted living (he has alzheimers) but it was no easy task. In our case there was no choice. I live 600 miles from my father but was going every month for a week and staying with him there (he had two rooms and I slept on the couch). The employees started to welcome me 'home' every time I came! Thank goodness he's now settled.
May I make a suggestion? If your aunt scouts out some acceptable establishments, then get from them their timetable of entertainment. When they are hosting a concert, just drop in with your grandmother to have a listen. It serves as an outing and introduces her to some of the advantages of these types of places. No pressure for anyone and maybe even an enjoyable afternoon! And with permission, they may even be able to have some lunch too.
I don't always comment but want to thank you once again for some enjoyable reading!

MelissaD said...

Is Maggie a reader? I know that's not necessarily a social activity but mother in law loves to read and has lost most of her vision due to macular degeneration. She was struggling and so we gave her a subscription to as a gift. She loves it as she can hear so many books either on the computer or in the car or on her iPad so she can take them with her.
And I know several older family members who resisted assisted living but then found new interest in life because they had a social life and activities and new friends.

Linda said...

Cute story Nikki. Your grandmother sounds like such an awesome person. Maybe if you all talked to her about it, you could convince her to go into the assisted living.


Monica said...

I know how hard it is. I have had my mom on the list at a near by assisted living since July. I think I need to grease someone's palm. Especially, when I just heard someone got in after 3-4 months on the waiting list. My mom stopped playing bridge about 18 months ago. That was her big social outlet. Hang in there!

Thoeria said...

Oh your Gran certainly is a marvelous old lady :) Made me giggle!
I never had grand parents.....well I had them....but never got to meet them so am really not much of a help with solutions. I guess when my Mum them get too old to be on their own, they'll be living with one of us kids.....but knowing Mum she'll probably insist on going to live in an old aged facility! Hang in there!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Is your grandmother on a Meals on Wheels route? That might serve two purposes: getting a hot meal, and having a daily visitor. I was a Meals on Wheels volunteer for over five years, and I got to know some really interesting older people. Not all of them wanted to chat, but I always took the time for the ones who did.

Beth W said...

Does she have a way of listening to audiobooks? That's my plan, when I eventually go blind (best to prepare, right?). Or podcasts? Some audio connection to help fight boredom.