Monday, September 15, 2014

I Made It: Same-Sex

A friend asked me to make a gift card holder for her friends' wedding. The boys are getting married. You can imagine that Stampin' Up! hasn't jumped on the bandwagon. (I think they should make the bride and groom stamps separate so you can use two grooms or two brides if the occasion warrants.) It's hard enough to make masculine cards, but a masculine wedding card? I thought and thought and came up with this:
The ampersand comes from a set of letters I bought at a specialty stamping store about ten years ago. But I'm sure such a thing is easy enough to find. The DSP is Stampin' Up! from about four years ago but I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it. 

Inside, the clinking glasses are from "Cheers to You" and the greeting comes from {a set I will have to check on when I get home} Sincere Salutations. The Starbucks gift card is in there just to show how this card works. When you open it, the gift pops up. Cute, right? You can find the video instructions here.

Thanks to Pamela of Hokkaido Kudasai for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. Pamela stitches and quilts while learning Japanese and teaching English in Japan. If you thought our American winter was long, you should definitely go back and see how she spent the winter on Japan's northernmost island! (If you guessed ass-deep in snow, you'd have underestimated by a few feet.)

I need to tell you seven things about myself:
1. I seriously don't understand how people do not know dragged is a word. "I dragged my ass to work today." NOT "I drug myself to work." (Unless, of course, you are a stripper or a prostitute or some other worker who has to take drugs in order to do your job. Then, yes, you drug yourself to work.)
2. I majored in English, taught English, and am happily a pedant.
3. And yet, I can't spell to save my life.
4. I can taste recipes when I read them.
5. I have two different feet--one's had bunion surgery.
6. I love making lists.
7. I'm a Libra through and through, and I hate to choose. So you will have to forgive me for not passing this along. (Also a rule breaker!)


Annie said...

Very clever and the perfect card for the happy couple. I like the idea of a pop-up gift card. You must have a ton of paper crafting supplies. More than stitching stash?

C in DC said...

The saying comes from Sincere Salutations.

What a great card!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I got that award too!
Love the card for the two guys, we do sell same-sex wedding cards at work, rather nice ones actually. All our cards are rather nice but expensive without my staff discount!
I do get on well with Libras, my Grandad, my Dad, my Hubby and my Son are all Libras so it is just as well!

Margaret said...

Lovely card! Love the colors and how the gift pops up.

Thoeria said...

Oh that really is a very clever idea!

Now can people not know that dragged is a word?? :O We use it often here!
Loved reading your things about you...made me chuckle.

Linda said...

Lovely card Nikki. Enjoyed learning a little more about you.


Mouse said...

simply perfect card :) and love your things about you and that you break the rules love mouse xxxxx

Heather said...

That is a great card! Well done. Also, I agree about the stamps. Hopefully they will get with times sooner rather than later.

Christine said...

Great job on the card! As for the 7 items - the only thing on that list that I would have to change to reflect me is that I taught art. Great minds think alike!

PS: Thank you for the vocab lesson as I had to run and look up pedant.