Saturday, March 01, 2014

March is National Craft Month

Let's celebrate!
Here we are in year three of celebrating National Craft Month. I've loved doing the real-time craft-a-day, but with the new job and other priorities for the year ("Connect!") I just wasn't sure I could keep up. Still I felt like this project should offer some sort of a challenge. What challenges crafters?

Oh, right.


We struggle to find things to make for men and boys. Or at least I do. Or did, you know, back when I made all my Christmas presents. So this time around I am going to let myself work ahead. My crafts won't be things I did in a day. Some might be made over a week or over the whole month. Sometimes I might make three to five items in a day but I will be sharing them one per day as I have done in the past. As usual, I will range across genres--sewing, paper, decoupage, painting, kitchen crafts. But every single item will be something you can make for a man.

Let's start the adventure!
My first project for Craft Month was a little sleeping bag for the dude's Kindle. Sewing projects may be the "easy" craft for men. If you choose the right fabrics, you can create something that a man will be happy to carry around, even if you are working from a pattern that a woman made for herself. I had these fabrics in the stash, but my dad has a iPad case that is made of recycled suit fabric. It's very manly, and sort of ironic since he's retired and doesn't wear a suit. (But his iPad does!) There are a lot of ways you could adapt this. 

 If you'd like to make one for yourself or for your favorite man, this is where I found the pattern

Oh, there you are Kindle. Hello! (I couldn't be bothered to do the math that would make this fit absolutely. So the Kindle fits inside even when it is wearing the case that the dude bought. The very boring case.)

What are you waiting for? Go craft!


Margaret said...

You are amazing. Love the Kindle holder! You're so right about men. So tough to make things for and to buy for too!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice case, great idea.

My men are slightly easier, put a dragon on it and voila!

Needle Nicely said...

Not wanting to be trite, but: You rock, Anna!

Chris said...

Very cool!
I am looking forward to this month of crafting!

Linda said...

What a great idea Nikki. Looking forward to the rest of the month.