Friday, February 28, 2014


You are all so good to continue to encourage me with your kind words as I slowly inch forward on the mermaid. Especially since I have been finding it so difficult to make the rounds and comment on your blogs. We are in the midst of a huge project at work that needs to go out the second week of March, and I keep on having to do stuff in the nonwork hours. Which is how life is supposed to be lived! I'll visit because I appreciate yours so much. Thanks for hanging in.


Finish Emerald Mermaid--I've made good headway. I think I should have no problem getting this done during March.
Smalls SAL--that's still in progress.
Cards: Feminine Birthday--I made two. Which is not working ahead like I had hoped. But...two!
Clean the Craft Room!--I did a pretty good job with this. I still need to get all my shoes in the closet, but you can move around and the worktable is clear.
Start projects for Craft Month--I have lists. And you know how I love a list.
Finish-finish three stitched pieces--Not so much. I did want to do three quarterly and March 31 is the end of the quarter.


Finish Emerald Mermaid
Smalls SAL
Cards: "Kid" cards need three. (I may try to make a couple more cards for women.)
And last but certainly not least Craft for Craft Month! (I've changed my approach and chosen a theme; I can't wait for the big reveal!)


Needle Nicely said...

Waiting with bated breath for the "big reveal". Of course, I always anticipate your blog entries, so nothing has changed!!

riona said...

I'll be looking forward to Craft Month. I always find that interesting, all the more so since I would never tackle anything that ambitious myself. We who do nothing but stitch, salute you!

Margaret said...

Seems like work always has to interfere with fun and relaxation. Hope you get some time to yourself without the work. Looking forward to seeing the mermaid all finished in time!

stitcherw said...

Sorry work seems to be a bit crazy for you lately, so that it's cutting into your stitching time (hate it when work does that), but I'm sure you'll be done with Mermaid soon and have a wonderful finish to show us. Looking forward to seeing her in all her finished glory.