Sunday, March 02, 2014

Love Your Reader

I hope you haven't been despairing of me. Because of tonight's predicted weather event, we moved Sunday dinner up to Sunday lunch. We had Mongolian beef (which I like a lot better than the dude does. Make it with reduced-sodium soy.) and honey sesame chicken (awesome!). Rice and snow peas rounded out the meal. I joked after we ate that if anyone wanted dessert, we were slicing up an orange and opening up a can of pineapple and sticking toothpicks in. (You may have to be of a certain age and have gone to Chinese restaurants in certain parts of the U.S. for that to make any sense at all.)

For some cracked out reason, I thought this afternoon would be a good time to go to Joann's to pick up some supplies. I was thinking of you when I was wandering the aisles, but I forgot just what it was that I was going to tell you. I will say that the nicest person in the world let me go in front of her at the cutting counter. I was getting one yard of one fabric. She had at least 40 fabrics pulled. (She is some kind of works-with-fabric person buying stuff today so she could work tomorrow.) Contrast that with the woman who was making something but only needed 10 of the 12 fabrics she had chosen and when her number was called, with scores of us waiting, she proceeded to have a conversation with the cutting person about which 10 fabrics she should choose. Really? Haven't you been waiting for ages like the rest of us? Couldn't you have figured it out then?

But I digress. Today's project returns to the ties I collected from my thrift shop outings last year. My guy loves to read (he's reading even as I write this), so when I saw this bookmark made from a tie to look like a snake I was on board. Very easy. While the designer's upcycle may be more complete--she used the tie lining to make the eyes--I am happier with google eyes in this situation. (And I have seen some pretty nasty tie lining in my upcycling days.) What's not to love about google eyes? The original creator used that bit of a tie on the back of the wide end used to hold the narrow end (the whatchamacallit?) to make a tongue. But my tie had the designer's label used for that purpose, so I used a scrap of another tie to make the tongue. I just used fabric glue to construct it and secure it.

The dude is delighted. I'm pretty sure this March is going to be his favorite month!


Silverlotus said...

Very cute!

Also, I hope the weather doesn't turn out to be too bad tomorrow. I'm glad the snow seems to be passing us by. Unfortunately, we are going to be very, very cold. Winter may never end! ;)

Needle Nicely said...

Thanks for the recipe--it looks like a real winner, says she in horrible Chinese food land in mid-Florida.

Thoeria said...

Now that I wiped the drool off the screen (food does that to me :O ) ....that's such a cute and clever project!
People like that really annoy me......Why the %$#@& can't they make a decision without involving my time??

Karen said...

How nice of the lady with all the fabric to let you go in front of her. As for the other chick...that would tick me off royally. Figure out what you need and get it picked out before you go to the cutting table. Good grief. Or just buy the needed amount of all of them and figure it out when you get home (that's what I would have done...what you don't use is called STASH, which of course we can all use more of!!)

Margaret said...

The tie bookmark is adorable! Funny that you ran into the two extremes of being-on-line behavior. Ugh. Hope the storm wasn't too bad for you. We got nothing for a change.

Linda said...

I love the tie bookmark. What a neat idea.


Chris said...

google eyes are the best! Dinner sounds like it was pretty amazing too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I could not find a term for the narrow end but the wide end is called The Apron.

So now you know!

Looking forward to more tie-based fun this month.

They have recently upgraded the tills at work so they are much faster. However they have not upgraded our customers who still get to the head of the queue without having their wallet, money and loyalty card ready. "You want me to pay? Who knew?"