Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Santa, Day Five

I probably will regret this later, but I felt like I should keep up. This one was my mom's too. He has a very intricate bag of tricks that detaches for storage. It's really big and, frankly, in the lower picture, he looks like he's squatting to hoist it. Poor Santa. Where the fuck are the elves?! (I'm sorry. I've been celebrating the repeal of the 18th amendment with some Junior Johnson moonshine. ...Suddenly 40-something Springsteen fans everywhere go, "Oh, Junior Johnson running through the woods of Caroline.")

DIY Santa: One for the gnome-lovers. You do have to buy a pattern, but you can swing it.

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Jennifer said...

I have to get a photograph of the Santa my MIL puts in her powder room. He's tiny and dressed in green and I believe holding up a star. I LOVE HIM and told her when she starts downsizing, I want him. He looks very similar to the ones you've been sharing.