Thursday, November 01, 2012

You've Got Questions

A while back, I was tagged to answer some questions and make up my own. I didn't tag anyone, but some people let me know they answered my questions. I thought I'd repay their kindness by answering theirs.

Needleworker's Samplings asked:
  1. How many project do you have in progress at the moment? Twenty seven
  2. Do you prefer to stitch with other stitchers or alone? With others, I bet some of you are surprised by that!
  3. Do you belong to an organized group. i.e EGA, ANG, local, etc? Nope.
  4. Do you read stitching blogs? Yes.
  5. Your favorite stitching blog – no more than 5! Mine! HA. Bet you didn't think I'd say that.
  6. Name your favorite needlework tool. Needle. You're lost without one.
  7. Things that interfere with your stitching?? Life?
  8. What type of stitching do you prefer, i.e. cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel, etc? Cross stitch.
  9. How many years since you started stitching? Twenty five.
  10. What type of stitching project, i.e. sampler, geometric, etc?  My gut instinct is pictures (representational but not necessarily realistic) but I look up and see samplers everywhere!
  11. What is your favorite project you have ever completed? Today it is my City Stitcher Willow Sampler.
Riona of Oubliette asked these questions for her fifth blogiversary giveaway:
  1. Who are your five favorite designers? The girls at Blackbird, Bent Creek, Shepherd's Bush, Twisted Threads (I wish she'd come back to it), and Amy Bruecken.
  2. Name your five favorite LNS/ONS: Strawberry Sampler, Silver Needle, Elegant Stitch, Yankee Cross Stitch, and I don't know...what else is still open?
  3. Name your five favorite stitching themes. Samplers, willows, pumpkins, Santas, and I think I'd do a lot better if this only asked for four...
  4. Other then mine, of course [she said with tongue firmly in cheek], name your five favorite stitching blogs. Oooh I hate doing this. Someone will get their feelings hurt.
  5. Name your five favorite stitching websites: these could be shops, designers, fiber/fabric/tools manufacturers, etc. 

    1. Even though it's not what it once was, I still rely on Kathy Dyer's site Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page  especially for the fabric calculator
    2. I like to go on Hoffman Distributing's site, especially if I am traveling
    3. Pinterest--which isn't so much a stitching site, but certainly has loads of interesting ideas and patterns
    4. I like reading what Alma Allen contributes to the blogisphere
    5. Yeah, again with the five, huh?

Sherry of It's all About Sherry asks:
  1. Do you stitch/sew in the same spot? Do you have a nest? I do always stitch in the same spot, but it's not very nest-like. It's the end of the couch near the end table.
  2. How many pairs of scissors do you have? 23
  3. Do you have holiday or seasonal fobs or other accessories? Oh yes.
  4. Are you a many project stitcher or one at a time? One at a time, what's that?
  5. Do you watch t.v. while stitching, listen to books on tape? TV.
  6. Idea project--designer, fabric & count, fibers? I like stitching on high count fabric with one strand of silk.
  7. If you read, what types of books? literary fiction and really crap mysteries.
  8. If you stitch reproduction samplers, do you modify and put in your initials, date, etc? I don't stitch that many reproduction samplers. Depends.
  9. How do you store your projects--bags, cases, boxes, baskets? I have all my projects in plastic bags--mostly I've recycled those containers sheets come in. Then they are in bags or baskets depending on how long it has been since I worked on them.
  10. Do you do any other craft or sewing things? Of course! I sew a bit and knit a bit and do a lot of paper crafting.
  11. Do you shop at primarily one shop or many? I spend most of my disposable income at Strawberry Sampler.
And to answer my own questions:
  1. How many cross-stitch patterns do you own? (Insert evil cackle) 454--they are countable people.
  2. What's your ideal stitching retreat? Good light, good people, comfortable chairs, awesome store to shop at.
  3. Have you been or does it only exist in your head? If they could upgrade the facilities for Camp Wannasew, it would exist.
  4. What are your favorite stitching tutorials? I think Vonna improves us all as finishers...
  5. What is the smallest count fabric you've ever used? silk gauze
  6. What's your secret to keeping cool? (No really, what? It's going to be 102 tomorrow.) Apparently it's staying inside in the A/C. When we lived in Los Angeles in an unairconditioned apartment, we'd go to the second run movie theater (started off at $2 a movie!). But the public library usually has free a/c. Oh gosh, I started this post so long ago...
  7. Have you found any cute crafts to use up leftover/unused floss from kits or other floss unsuitable for actual stitching? I think I showed you that.
  8. Starting or finishing? (Not finish-finishing obviously.) Starting.
  9. Favorite DMC color? 341, but I don't stitch with it much...
  10. What other hobbies are undertaken in your household? (roommate, spouse, children, pets...) My dog enjoys obedience classes (the classes more than obeying) and agility for fun. She also enjoys crazy-dogging in the yard. The dude plays competitive chess, reading, and makes preserves, and pickles.
  11. Do you ever make those recipes you tear out of magazines and stack in your kitchen? I'm concentrating on that now. I've made four--and thrown away two!


Needle Nicely said...

First, as a blogger looking at another 29 days to post in November, I admire you for making this one post instead of 3 separate ones.

As a reader, how many books do you read at one time? Seeing how many projects you have going at once reminded me of this. I always have more than one stitching project and book in progress, definitely not related to each other.

I loved your answer about scissors. I also have a collection of scissors and another of thimbles.

Coral said...

I'm so glad you have more scissors than I! At a quick count I have 13 - but I could be wrong!

Jennifer said...

I never thought about using the plastic sheet containers for stitching. I'm all over ziploc bags of various sizes though, and plastic page protectors. I don't stitch from the original chart, so the plastic page protectors are great for the copies I make.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I detest answering these things, but love reading others!