Thursday, March 01, 2012

SBQ: Taste

A while back, Lee asked: Name your favorite designer(s). Have your tastes changed over time?
I have a totally smart ass answer to this. 

You think?

I started stitching in the late 80s when a lot of what was available was country. This is not to say that was all that was available! (You know I hate that revisionist cross-stitch history.) I also stitched some really cute samplers without geese. Alma Lynne* was a favorite--of mine and the industry--and I did a lot of pieces that she designed. (My mom still has that hanging in her house. Seriously, dirty hoop marks and all!)

My tastes are still pretty eclectic. I'm less of a fan of Quaker and primitive. Also not a fan of cartoony or too-cutesy (twee) things. I'm not sure if there is a designer I will follow to the ends of the earth. Colors, yes. Designers, no.

* And what a pip!


Anonymous said...

I have to say Paulette from Plum Street Samplers really got me back to cross stitching with her Salem Sisters - and I do love a lot of her designs. I have a stack of hers that I want to do. I have also discovered that I tend to make more "subversive cross stitch" for friends now - thanks to etsy. (I think you linked me to one of my favorites weelittlestitches) I do bigger projects for me and family.

Deb said...

I used to love Alma Lynne's things and still have all the books. I actually met her at a Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival about 22 years ago. What a crazy lady. I still like her things, but probably would never stitch another one (oh, maybe for a baby thing or something).

C in DC said...

What colors would you follow to the end of the earth?

doris said...

Alma was definitely a force. It shocks me to look at old charts and see what I used to like.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Ditto C in DC's comment, come on, enquiring minds need to know!

My tastes have hardly changed, I still love my first big TW piece and my Miras/L&L.

The only thing that has changed is the range of designers I now know thanks to the enabling lot of bloggers around here!

riona said...

My tastes always were eclectic ... and remain so to this day. But I do find I stitch less Prairie Schooler and more Teresa Wentzler, less Glory Bee and more Barrick's Samplar. I still love the old pieces and some of them remain on my walls, and in my home as pillows, totes, etc. I find I gravitate to the designer's who use specialty stitches more than I did before [Victoria Sampler and The Sweetheart Tree] ... I like the challenge and the variety.

Incidentally, I must be adjusting or the Publish a Comment coded letters must be getting less distorted because I don't seem to be having trouble with them any more

Donna said...

Ah the 80s in cross stitch. I did my fair share of geese and ducks and teddy bears in that country palette that today makes me run screaming towards the lime green and deep purple.