Tuesday, March 04, 2008

List #4 Stitching, the Early Years, 1990

Now with 100% more pictures
Wherein things don't always go to plan...I know none of my lists so far have been blog relevant and tonight things were going to change. I had taken out my book "A Stitch in Time: A Treasury of Works Crafted by Me" to show you some of the early projects. Digital cameras hadn't been invented back in those days, so I was going to scan some of the photos that I glued into the book--it's okay, scrapbooking hadn't been invented yet. (Not true, but it wasn't all photo corners and appropriate adhesives back then.) You know about the new camera and computer. Well tonight I went to load the software for the all-in-one printer-scanner-copier-fax, so that I could scan the photos for your viewing pleasure. My new computer has the new brain which is incompatible with the old peripherals. Grrr. I'd use the old computer except the battery is now dead and the reason we got the new computer is that there is something wrong with the hole the a/c adapter slides into, and it won't accept electricity. So, until I figure something out, no photos of these old projects. Which was really the point. Sigh...

I began stitching in 1989 when best pal got married the first time. {It's all okay, she has her best husband now.} I started the stamped piece to learn how to cross stitch and the wedding sampler was my second piece. On 22-ct fabric over one. Because it's not brain surgery.

  • January: Welcome sampler, stamped. Stitched for my aunt as a Christmas gift.

  • August: Wedding sampler, America’s Best Cross Stitch, Maureen LoPresti.

  • New Hampshire, Sue Hillis. A gift for my father, I added two green beer bottles where my father has/had his businesses.

  • My Family and Me, kit by Alma Lynne, a gift for my mother. Amish dolls! How late 80s

  • Christmas 1990: A Christmas Sampler from Leisure Arts Spirit of Cross Stitch, book 2, stitched for my aunt.

  • Christmas 1990: For the Sportsman: Fish, David Sweet. This was in Leisure Arts: The Magazine. (Remember the days when LA had two cross stitch magazines? I subscribed to that and Celebrations in Cross Stitch.). It's a fisherman with a fish head, and the caption reads, "They said this would happen!" It hung in my uncle's office for years. Now it has pride of place behind his bar right by the giant salmon that won him the Winnipesaukee Derby.

  • Christmas 1990: Hearts by Mary Scott in Leisure Arts. Stitched for my sister. I mounted it in a stained box and got stain on the piece (groan!). I restitched it.

I hope I can get this computer situation figured out because this is much more interesting when you can see the pictures.


Katrina said...

I am impressed you can name what you were stitching that many years ago. I am not sure I could. I know I went through a huge Paula Vaughan and P. Buckley Moss period, LOL.

Kendra said...

Another victim of Windows Vista, huh? My MIL got a new computer last year, it came bundled with an all-in-one printer...yet the printer was not Vista compatible. Well, the PRINTER part worked, but it wouldn't scan and photocopy. What is the point of that?

xsquared said...

We got a Mac for Xmas, and HP hasn't released a driver for OSX for our old scanner. So now I need to buy a new one, when there is nothing wrong with the old. I feel your pain.

Anna said...

Found you through feeling stitchy. I love the idea of looking back at work you've done years ago. I'm impressed that you documented it to begin with. I'll have to look for old pieces I've done. I remember a sampler I stitched as a kid that my mother still has hanging in her home. I'll have to take a pic next time I'm there.

staci said...

Good luck with your computer...it's all Greek to me, my computer and camera really should've came with an operator too!

Ruth said...

Ahhh the new and the old so rarely interact well... whether they have two legs, four legs, or no legs.

I sure do wish you luck!