Sunday, January 01, 2012

Plans for 2012

As you know, I play fast and loose with my goals, but I like to give myself a little direction every year. This year:
  1. Start nine new projects in my Modified Crazy January Challenge. (Nine because that's how many I completed last year in the original challenge.) I'm still choosing these. I think my original list featured too many Christmas and Halloween designs. I'll reveal all as I begin stitching each one. It will be fun--a surprise to all of us.
  2. Finish 1/3 of my WIPs, or six. (See sidebar.)
  3. Expand my freelance business, including getting my website running by January 31. (Third because this is a stitching blog, not in order of importance as the dude thought.)
  4. Read more, at least 25 books and preferably from our shelves.
  5. See one movie a month. We are woeful in our movie-going. So many things we want to see come and go before we know it.
  6. Do two punch needle pieces.
I also have some updating to a little surprise in the mail and picked up some framing. But today I want to spend more time stitching and less on the computer. Cheers!


Chris said...

Happy New Year Anna!
Your goal list looks great.

Anonymous said...

7. Go to Oklahoma for camp?


The Queen Bee said...

We're cheering you on.


Lelia said...

Happy New Year.

Your list looks interesting. I'm with you on the punch needle projects.

I think I need to actually stitch ONE project this year as I finished ZERO last year.

I didn't read as many books in 2011 - I did seem to be out-of-the-house more often + didn't carve out free time for creative adventures.

Perhaps 2012 will be different!

I enjoy your blog so much. Happy New Year to you (and the Dude).

raised by wolves who love to stitch said...

I have to admit I stole your post. I just started my first blog, and I borrowed heavily from this post on your blog. You're a great blogger and stitcher... hope you don't mind if I learn from you.
~ Lorraine "raised by wolves"

Brigitte said...

I'm very curious to see your new starts for the challenge.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Good luck with your goals Anna. I too see movies that come and go from the cinemas all too often LOL.