Monday, July 18, 2011

Maggie Monday: Identity

Downtown Nashua, where my outlaw grandma sold gold.
Recently, my aunt took Maggie on her errands. She needed to go to the coin store where they buy gold for a fair price. Maggie had a bracelet that she never wears and wanted to sell. In preparing to go, Auntie Em asked if she had the bracelet and her license.  When you sell your stuff, they take a photo copy of your license just in case it's stolen. They don't care if your are 89! Maggie said that she never takes her license with her anywhere. My aunt asked, "What if you have to prove who you are at the bank, or at the emergency room?" Maggie had no idea that people used licenses for more than driving. 

My aunt continues: "This reminds me of a time at Logan when they had just started to ask for ID to fly. We were all set, my sister, {family friend} Sherry, and myself. Maggie's license was in her luggage. Luckily, she was able to retrieve it. Close call!"

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Knowing how you enjoy collecting press clippings about stitching, I thought you would enjoy this if you haven't seen it yet

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