Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Leisure Reading

I love reading Lee's post of the month but I'm so half-organized. Today I give you the posts that made me click the star last year:
  • Not Martha's Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile in the shape of a Christmas tree. Christmas without all the vegetation. And the how-to.
  • Make a Flip Top Fabric Notepad Cover on Lark with the Sewing Editor from Craft Gossip.
  • A perfect little gift for the hostess or your grandma, and quick! Doily-Covered Soaps on Craft.
  • If I collected ceramic sculptures of ladies in pretty dresses, it would be these. {Craft}
  • Margy's Pecan Bars
  • Awesome "Snow Globe" finishing technique from Tatyana. Sadly without tutorial. {in Russian}
  • Skeleton wreath to guarantee you get no trick or treaters--or that they all stop in--from Craft.
  • A tile pendant necklace you can make with photos or scrapbook paper.
  • Betz White shows us how to knit with cashmere sweaters.
  • Pioneer Woman gives a recipe for beer-braised beef--perfect for Sunday dinner, now that I have Jersey, His Royal Fussiness, to contend with.
  • Edgar makes Hawaiian cookies, and I did mean to make these for my sister's birthday. Poo. She'll just have to wait.
  • Papercrafters will be interested in shiori ningyo Japanese bookmark dolls. {whip up}
  • Duck feet baby cute as they sound. {Craft}
  • A collection of baby knitting. It's not just 'cause it's sister is getting married, people! (She's not getting married because she has to, but the production of off-spring is one of their immediate goals.) {whip up}
  • Beautiful embroidered pin cushions on Szentpyr. Purchased? Stitched? I can't tell. {in Hungarian} 
  • Gorgeous compact raised garden, for when the dog stops digging up the yard. (I blame the chipmunks. They just smell so good in their network of tunnels.) {Craft}
  • I bought all the ingredients to make this once, and the bread went off before I managed it. Someday we'll eat Savory Gruyere Stuffed French Toast. {Margy, again}
  • More food: Satay-Spiced Peanut Butter Sandwiches. {Craft}
  • Stop me if I've told you this before, but when my mother used to run the craft fair at my high school, I was called upon to make all sorts of things. She'd hand me a craft magazine and say, "Make this." But I also quilled at that time. I used to make quilled ornaments that she would sell for a quarter. (Bitter? Who, me?) So my past life includes quilling, and this idea for quilled monograms is inspiring. {Craft}
  • I'm always looking for ways to show off how fashionable Stella is at heart. Ruff House collars, not cheap but beautiful. Right now, she's sporting looks from Lucky Fiona. {Craft}
  • Planning a trip to Paris? Let Isabelle be your guide to fabric, yarn, and notions.
  • Remember when my sister returned the dress she wore at my wedding for recycling and I was looking for a project? Found it. {Craft}
  • Cool envelopes. Because making cards isn't enough? {Craft}
  • Julie Jackson of Subversive Stitch on organization. {Craft}
  • Lavender Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce at Martha Stewart via Angry Chicken. You know how I love salt in my caramel.
  • Sampler Girl's Tenderness of Heart freebie that I wish I had remembered for Valentine's Day. 
  • Superhero headband. I wish I had remembered this for last Christmas. Someday soon my superheros will outgrow the need for costumes. {Whip Up}
  • I have a scrapbook that has wire binding, and I haven't used it for fear of not being able to move the pages. Fear no more. Future Girl tells us how.
  • I did think of these superhero capes this Christmas, but I thought the style might be too girly. And now, perhaps, the moment has passed. {Craft}

Maybe this will help me remember all that I mean to do? I don't really think so either.

Yesterday the only mail in our ugly mailbox was for Maggie. I'm keeping a list in the right hand sidebar. Watch for your town to show up. If I get two from the same place, I'll think of something but for right now this will do.


Lee said...

Believe it or not, yesterday I started to neaten up my Favorite Posts pages! I had gotten so far behind that I was overwhelmed. Totally missed the Christmas season of posts. But I'm working on February!

I'm glad that you're listing these, too. I think it helps build stronger bonds between stitchers.

Lee said...

And PS - HOW did I miss that Sampler Girl Freebie? I'm so glad that you caught it!

mainely stitching said...

Maggie's card is set to go off tomorrow ... provided I remember to go by the post office, that is. ;)

Heather said...

Thanks for this great list! I also enjoy Lee's lists and the featured posts inspire me to stitch even more.
Well, that and going to the local cross-stitch store to find the patterns to some of those finished pieces.

Lelia said...

ready for a new traveling pattern:

Karen's Blog has details

Redwitch said...

Great list, thanks for taking the trouble to compile it :)

Now I just need a leap week every month and I might be able to get to some of these!

Anonymous said...

You know the Pioneer Woman, Ree, is from right up there by the SN. Do you have her cookbook?


Jenna said...

Okay, let me address the ones that I like in order:
Snow globe - fantastic! And there is a tutorial on her blog -
Tile pendant necklace - I have the Etsy site bookmarked and had to rein in my clicky finger to keep from buying supplies for a necklace and earrings
Japanese bookmark dolls - I'm still on a bookmark kick from Christmas, so these look great
Quilled monograms - I'm all over this

Okay, that's it for now. I need more projects like I need a good hole in my head. You are too much of a temptress!

Jennifer said...

I bookmarked the quilled monogram one too. I am, however, too ashamed to share the rest of the ones I starred or bookmarked because there are tons of them that I will probably never look at again. On the bright side, many of them are recipes and I have been trying to cook new and different things, so that's good, right?