Monday, November 01, 2010

Maggie Monday: The Pirate Edition

Maggie and grand daughter #2, Sissy, Christmas 2009
My grandmother loves Christmas. It's incredibly important for her to be with her family on Christmas eve.

Her own mother died of the flu on Christmas eve, when my grandmother was five.

Being so young, she was not allowed to attend the funeral.

Being so young, my grandmother couldn't step in to care for the family.

She and her sister were put into an orphanage which was not an uncommon practice in the period. While a widow would struggle to raise her children, a widower did not become a "single father."

Several years later, when my great-grandfather remarried, his children were removed from the orphanage. Unfortunately, it is not the happy ending we might hope for. Her stepmother rivaled stepmothers of mythology and literature in her cruelty.

My grandmother weathered this shaky start. She loves people and is remarkably gregarious. In fact, when I was little, I sincerely believed my grandmother knew everyone in Nashua, NH.


Rachel said...

I had a grandmother who everyone knew as well. In the small town she lived close to, all we had to say was "Im one of Grace's grandchildren" and not only would we automatically get a good grin and hand shake but good thoughts for us to give back to her when we got back to the 'farm'

She is greatly missed.

Missy said...

Your Grandmother is a true rock star. My mom lived a VERY similar life to your Grandma. Funny how these young kids can sing a few songs and become celebrities for just looking cute when in reality it's STRONG women like your Grandmother who should be recognized and idolized.

valerie said...

Maggie sounds like a wonderful woman...strong and with wonderful character. I think it's funny she's often photographed with a cocktail in hand!

C in DC said...


Alice said...

My dad's mother died of 'consumption' when he was 4 and he was farmed out to boarding school and when he got a stepmother and step siblings he was farmed out to other relatives for school holidays. Family was always very important to him too. Grandma Maggie is such a neat lady; I love the pirate look.

Jenna said...

I thought I loved Maggie before, now I REALLY love her. What an amazing woman! Now I know where you get it. ;)