Monday, March 01, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

In February, I set out to join the Olympic stitchers and make progress on my Emerald Mermaid and then while I was joining things, I signed up to make a thing a day.

While I made some nice cards and a small fob and started a scrapbook of the dog, I did not succeed in making a thing-a-day. But really, could I have been expected to? ;) I did make good progress on the mermaid, you can see it here.

In March:
  • work on the marquoir (weather permitting)
  • work on two WIPS: Curtis Boehringer Apple Sampler and Heart's Content, Merry and Bright
  • work on class quilt
  • cut out more pieces for the 19dicketytwo quilt


Anonymous said...

your title tickled me ... as i still "do" rabbit, rabbit, rabbit ...

Brigid said...

what is a "marquoir"????

Nic said...

Good luck with your March goals! You've made great progress on the mermaid ... I must drag mine out, perhaps next month.

Donna said...

Mermaid love!

Lynn said...

We say Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits but I've rarely heard of anyone else who did!