Sunday, February 07, 2010

More Things

Friday night, I went for it. I decided to stitch something for thing-a-day. And I did:

This pattern is a French freebie available here (biscornu indien). I used threads from Sharon B, the ones I won for guessing how long her sampler was. I used the one fourth from the bottom, but I only used one ply since it was too thick for the fabric. (The project referenced in that old post is on the list for the Thing-a-Day, so you may see it yet!)

Trapped inside during the blizzard, I thought I could whip up an even bigger stitched piece for Saturday's Thing-a-Day. Unfortunately, I dicked around a lot: read blogs, played on facebook, took the dog out in the snow, and I didn't spend nearly enough time on this to get it done. It's a freebie (not online) from Crescent Colours called "swirlygirls" and you know how I love me some spirals. Unfortunately there is a big ole mistake in the spiral on the right of the flower and I don't know if the circle will meet, so I need to come around on the left. I am putting this aside however. This is Thing 6, fail.

However, I did manage to make something yesterday.

My favorite plain boring lasagna. No meat, no vegetables (beyond the tomato sauce). This is the lasagna my mother taught me to make using the recipe off the Prince lasagna box--Anthony! I just searched the Prince website and the don't have this recipe any more. Of course, you get this raggedy picture because I didn't decide it was my "thing" for Thing-a-Day until after we ate it!

I also made a little video of Stella playing in the snow. If you are my facebook friend, you can find it there. So I guess I made a couple of things yesterday. Go me!


Annemarie said...

Your lasagna has me intrigued. And drooling.
A Thing-A-Day, eh? Sounds tempting, but I know I can't do it. The swirly freebie is just lovely.

Michelle said...

Mmm, yummy! I love the new little spirals too - how fun!

doris said...

Oooh ... spirals. That's very cute. In fact, all of your things are impressive.

I'm terribly jealous of your days trapped in your house. I love to be trapped in my house by snow. It's been quite a while since that happened here, but I keep hoping for it.

Coral said...

Your Thing a Day is coming along so well. I have several larger projects on the go at the moment, so they will not count at all. Keep going!

Siobhan said...

Your Thing A Day looks like it's coming along well. Interesting take on the lasanga! I am always intrigued by the way the Irish & British make it, with a flour or 'white sauce' as a substitute for the cheese.

Redwitch said...

We even differ on lasagne and isn't the world a better and richer place for it? I never knew there were different lasagnes, apart from veggie/meaty. I have led a sheltered life, it's an education reading your blog! Yours look delish :)

Thing a Day is going well, like the thread colour in the first and the swirls in the second.

Jenna said...

The swirls get to me. I messed up the second attempt at swirlygigs for your challenge and just left it. Of course, yours is a symmetrical design, so the screw it mentality might not work out so well there. Nice colors, though. And nice finish on the biscornu. Now you just have to finish it. ;) Maybe that could count as another "thing?"