Friday, February 05, 2010


I'm having issues. My computer does random-ass things like erase whole words at a time instead of just letters, open the web browsing history, or close windows you are working in--and you don't even have to touch a button. So it just closed the post I was writing, and blogger hadn't saved it. I will be saving like a maniac as I write this post.

The other issue I'm having is that my printer refuses to scan. I've been online troubleshooting, and the fix is either some 29 minute download or I need to do this weird shamanistic dance that has ten steps ending "press # and 6 at the same time and do not release until you are told to." So I went with the download. If you see the things I have been making for Thing-a-day then we will have had success. If you don't, you'll get some photos tomorrow.

Because according to the weatherpeople I will be trapped inside my house, maybe forever. And here I didn't run to the grocery store and buy everything they had. I think it was the 14 years in Los Angeles: you had to be ready for earthquakes there. No one comes on the teevee to announce their arrival. You just had to be ready, which is why I have eggs and bread and milk and even all the fixings to make chili. The dude was very worried that we'd miss the Superbowl party where we will were to may eat chili. But please, am I an amateur? Do I not have beans in the pantry and meat in the freezer? If my preparedness isn't the result of living in earthquake country, maybe it was all those years in New Hampshire where, even when you were ass deep in snow, you could find things to eat in your house. You know, that would tide you over for the two, possibly three, days that you couldn't get to the store. Maybe I'm not cut out to live in the south* Mid-Atlantic.

Anyway, enough with the bellyaching, take a look at Thing Three:

Since I had the supplies out, I made another and called it Thing One:
I think this may need something. Glitter maybe?

Thing Four:

This is a little cover for a notebook I bought maybe two for a dollar. Anyway I think this may need something, but not glitter.

Now that I've wasted all this time here, I've got to go make Thing Five.
*Do you know how close I am to the Mason-Dixon line?


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

So freakin' odd that those by the Mason-Dixon line are getting more snow in one day than we've had all year in Michigan. I don't get it. The world, I think, is spinning backwards or something which would also help to explain your computer issues. I think you should just try the dance.....

Love your thing-a-day completions. I think they all look great but I don't have the cleverness to put even the most simple thing like that together (I flunked art; I'm pretty sure) so I can offer no creative comment!

Enjoy the chili whether its at your house or the party!

Lee said...

Such beautiful cards! You really have a knack with pretty papers!

I hear you on the crazy pre-storm grocery thing. People act like they'll be stuck inside for weeks, not just a day or two. If even that.

Catherine said...

I know after living in TN for 7 years that this snow would have shut whole towns down for at least a week!

Your cards look great!

Redwitch said...

Threaten the IT with replacement, that usually works, either that or sacrifice something to the gods.

V.nice NY card, it arrived today, thanks :)

Good luck with the snow, it even made the BBC news webpage!

Real Live Woman said...

We're west of where you are, but a mere 7 miles from the Mason Dixon line. We're at about 19 inches and counting. It's hard to tell with the wind and the drifts.

Love the card with the flowers made out of hearts. I have a heart punch, so I may have to steal that idea!

Robin said...

I love what you did with the hearts to make the leaves for the flowers! I put in a Stampin up order just this morning.

PS Comments on StitchingWitch.blogspot about the snow.....yes that was last night. Today, in south Jersey we have over 3 ft in some of the drifts! I am guessing we got 18 to 24 inches. I love it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

mainely stitching said...

No snow here, but boy is it COLD. I'm wearing so many sweaters that I can barely zip my coat up when I take the dogs out for their walks!