Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will I Ever Laze Around on the Couch Again?

I've got to work late tonight. It should be interesting. A chief justice of a foreign court is coming from one of those places that requires us to have heightened security.


Tonights blog-fodder comes from Lee.
My Favorite part the Meal: I think it’s the stuffing: the recipe is from the Black Family Reunion Cookbook. I don’t care what color you are, you need this cookbook. I’ve waxed poetical about the triple corn stuffing before.

Worst part of the meal: Canned cranberry sauce. People! It’s so easy to make from scratch. Make it on Tuesday night and it will gel nicely for Thursday. Good stuff. Do it! Do it, Do it!

Anything new in the meal this year: I don’t know, my cousin hasn’t told us what we’re having. But the first time she cooked Thanksgiving dinner for us she made creamed onions for her husband. His mother’s recipe. Not so much. Oh! I almost forgot, I'm making Alton Brown's sweet potato pie recipe this year.

Dishes that we don't make anymore, but I'll always miss them: Cranberry shrub—cranberry juice with a scoop of lime sherbet floating in it. We started every Thanksgiving with this when I was a kid.


Adrienne said...

I might have to make cranberry shrubs now. Yum.

Barbeeque4 said...

I am in total agreement - cranberry sauce is the easiest part of the meal to make - add some zest on orange or lemon while is cooks and its good to go - so easy so good!!!!

Sarah said...

Maybe a really stupid question - but does real cranberry sauce travel well? On Thanksgiving, we drive 6 hours to DH's aunt's house and anything I take has to survive. They NEVER have cranberry anything which offends my New England sensibilities (and they live near WI!)

Anna van Schurman said...

Cranberry sauce is pretty acidic. So I wouldn't worry about stuff growing. Besides, it should pretty cold in your trunk, especially if you're driving to (near) Wisconsin! Homemade is a little less solid than what we usually have from a can, like loose jelly. Put it in tupperware in the trunk. I think it would be fine.

mainely stitching said...

A chief justice ... heightened security? Am I in the right place?

I've never had a cranberry shrub, but I bet the kids would go nuts for it. :)

Kate said...

Is it very wrong of me to love the stuff from the can? In my opinion, no Thanksgiving is complete without it -- and I'm FROM Wisconsin.

C in DC said...

I'm with Kate - give me the canned cranberry sauce. I think I was in college before I knew that it could come any other way.

If you're interested, my responses are up at

Michelle said...

Ooh, that cranberry shrub sounds like a winner!