Tuesday, March 18, 2008

List #18: 1999

My cousin thinks we made a rookie mistake with the jacket situation, so the dude slept better last night. The kids are off this week so they're coming to the city because they love riding the train. We're going to dim sum tomorrow. Mmmmm, dim sum.

Nineteen ninety nine was a pretty big year with lots of people undertaking "millennial" projects. (I'd love to take a poll to see how those fared.) I did not. I didn't see that many that I liked but also knew that I'd be one of those people trying to decide how to make my millennial project relevant when I finally put it on the wall in 2015. I did find other ways of making it a bang up stitching year: I stitched lots of ornaments; I started stitching for the baby-to-be (Lala); and I made something pretty monumental for Sissy's 30th birthday.
  • Sue Stokes ornament from Celebrations of Needlework in NH 5/8/99
  • Summer is a Cumin' in Moss Creek Designs 5/9/99. This was a project I started in Sacramento 1997 with Rae Iverson. And, it turns out, I came thisclose to meeting Jo in that class. (Don't look too close, major mistake.)
  • Holly Berry Heart, Sweetheart Tree, Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue (JCSO) 5/20/99
  • Swedish Christmas &etc Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin, JCSO 5/27/99
  • Christmas Orchid, The Lilac Studio, JCSO 6/1/99
  • Christmas Eve Ornament, Graphs by Cheryl & Barbara, JCSO, 6/6/99
  • 1996 Annual Ornament—Fir Tree Heart's Content. I've stitched three of these and have about three more kits unstitched. I know the tree says 1998, but I think I just stitched that part in 1998 and had a major case of wishful thinking! (Much like the 1997 on the pudding finished in 1998.)

  • Woodland Noel, Heart in Hand Needlework, JCSO, 11/13/99
  • Love Blocks, Mosey ‘n Me for Lala. I started very many projects for the baby to be. This was stitched with beautiful silk floss. The little cherub's hair is all golden French knots. I loved stitching this!
  • Sampler Sweet Bag Nostalgic Needle. Stitched for Sissy's 30th birthday. I even made a tag for the inside that marks the occasion. Very clever--I had forgotten about that. That center pink flower is detached buttonhole stitch; I spent quite a few days under the magnifier!
  • Needleroll, Catherine Theron, Theron Traditions. Celebrations in Cross Stitch (Manchester). The fact that this has been completely stitched for almost nine years but remains unfinished is, in the words of my favorite poker players, just sick.


Diane said...

In keeping with the poker players, I'll see your nine years and raise you seven. (http://bp3.blogger.com/_ualUDeaKvjk/R6fKZ2Qr5pI/AAAAAAAAACU/LvPf4MQb9U0/s1600-h/xstitch+003.jpg) The stitching was completed on this in 1991 and still awaits fabric....

Carol said...

LOL! I did one of those infamous millennial projects - Last Stitches 1999 by Just Nan - I actually did put the last stitches in on the morning of 12/31/99 - silly? Perhaps :-)

Barbara said...

I love that Sampler Sweet Bag!!

Lee said...

Your list has really changed. These projects are so much more complex! And don't mention unfinished projects. I'm the Absolute God Appointed Queen and I dare anyone to say otherwise.

Yes - I was bitten by the Millenium project bug. It was kind of silly because I was hardly stitching anything at the time. But I bought two SB kits - The Millenium needleroll and the Millenium Sampler. And I've never opened either package.

Aussie Stitcher said...

You have done some great projects there, I love the sweet bag and the needle roll. LOL at your Hubby's sleepless night, and the comment about you being kidnappers.

Jenna said...

1999 was a good year! Terry and I were married. ;)

Miriam said...

Indeed a monumental task, very nice sampler bag. What a gift!

Michelle said...

Love love love the Sampler bag - it's gorgeous! The needleroll is so pretty too - I would love to see you finish it. I bought Teresa Wentzler's Millennium chart, but didn't even get around to starting it.