Thursday, March 20, 2008

List #20: 2001

I'm trying to think of something interesting to say as a lead in for the list. But I'm a little fagged. In the past three days I have been to several meetings which have just confirmed how much I need a new job. I work for assh*les and idiots. Today the grandboss called the consultant, Jan, "Dzan"--like the woman's name--rather than Yan, even though we all call him Yan and his partner's name is Hans just, you know, as a clue Swiss, not...whatever. But wait, there's more. At the all-staff meeting, we were told a committee was going to be formed to examine "work issues" like promptness and responsibility and veracity. I'm jockeying to get appointed to head the committee because we need a shit-stirrer in charge of that pot. Someone who will say, you want us to take responsibility? Why don't you model that behavior? (You know they're going to appoint a committee of slave-mentality types who will say what the bosses want them to say. The bosses deserve to get me.)
So 2001. I'm nearing completion on the dissertation. I'm working full time heading an ORU at the university. I'm filling my days while the dude commutes 2 hours (rt) teaching in Claremont--some days he works so many hours that I see him while he eats dinner and that's it.
  • Lala's sampler I designed this myself to go in the frame. When I saw the frame--a flat white wooden frame with a wooden applique bear surrounded by bees--I knew I had to make something to fit in it. They were decorating the baby's room with bees. My sampler has skeps, bees, rhodes hearts, and birth stats in pink, gold, and aqua. Maybe I'll get a photo on Sunday.
  • Folk Art Santa pin, Mill Hill 3/7/01. Unlike the tipsy tree, this one was finished as a pin and worn the next season.
  • Acorn, I took a class at Needles and Niceties in celebration of some anniversary or other. The Bent Creek sisters taught the class. They were great! 3/15/01

  • Starlight Santa, Sandy Cozzolino 3/16/01. Another perforated paper Santa for the tree. At least these get finished and make an appearance annually.
  • Renaissance Angels, Mill Hill 3/17/01. You've seen this. It's the emergency present I finished for my aunt a couple of years ago. So it only took me five years from completion to finishing. Excellent.
  • Babo Natale, Sandy Cozzolino 3/17/01. Another perforated paper Santa for the tree.
  • Birth Sampler for Bailey, Twisted Threads. Stitched for Yay-o. 6/24/01 This one was just too damn cute.
  • Blossoms, The Trilogy 7/26/01 I worked on this on our "extra" day in Alaska on our honeymoon. Our tiny fishing village was socked in with fog, and we couldn't get to the airport in Juneau. When I gave this to my mother, she said, "Am I only getting small pieces from now on?" Nice. I know she can sound like an evil one, but she has lots of redeeming qualities.
  • Christmas Spider, Lizzie*Kate, JCSO 11/19/01. Lesson, always buy the charm of projects you want to stitch when they are released. It took me years to track these down.

  • Bah Humbug, Curtis Boehringer, JCSO, 11/28/01. See photo from yesterday. I made this for my father but {the chorus joins in, all together now} I never finished it!
  • Happy Winter, SamSarah, JCSO 11/30/01 (See photo above.) Happy indeed--a checkered tree.
  • Two by Two Deer, Prairie Schooler, JCSO 11/30/01. (See photo above.) Remember when I stitched the reindeer pillow for Sissy last Christmas because she has a reindeer collection. Yes well, I stitched this for her and {the chorus joins in, all together now} I never finished it!
  • Angel of Joy, Bent Creek, JCSO (twice--one for each niece). I changed the eye and hair colors to match my nieces, but the finishing on these is attrocious. I think I just glued on a paper backing. I know! Don't even...
  • Christmas Cardinal, Kitty and Me, JCSO 12/01 Stitched for my personal trainer, from NC one of the many states that has the cardinal as their state bird. He was very touched.


Anonymous said...

I like all the Christmas ones but would like to see Lala's sampler. I like bees, too


Anna van Schurman said...

I shall try to remember to bring the camera on Sunday and photograph my work that resides in Exton.