Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dear Designer,

I told you about this! Are you trying to kill the dude?


jo said...

Argh. I share your pain.

Kim said...

Maybe you just need to find a game that uses a 9x9 board. Like Sudoku.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it will help if you look at it this way - it's a pretty checkerboard style pattern, like your kitchen floor.


Mindi said...

Obviously some designers didn't read your post a few months ago. But, I'll fess up that I bought this one, and her Halloween one. On the pattern she admits to not following the guidelines for a standard checkerboard.

Lelia said...

Yeah, lower right square - white square. Got it right? right?

Which is EXACTLY why my game board sampler is still in the closet.

I don't buy the "looks like kitchen floor tile" ... sigh

Would luv to see tall flowers progress ... I am kicking myself for not picking it up at the LNS, during my last visit. Fossils are forgetful.