Friday, November 30, 2007

All Good Things Must Come to an End

So closes another NaPoBloMo. Phew. Did I feel this frenetic last year over this? (Probably not; I was sitting on my rapidly expanding arse with my foot up, so it gave me something to do.) There were a number of nights, most of them this last week, where if I hadn't come so far I wouldn't have blogged. Crazy to walk in the door at 9:00, eat dinner, and blog before dropping into bed at 10:00. (I need my beauty rest!) And it showed. The polls (see below) might be the lamest thing to result from the experiment. Or maybe it's pure brilliance. As Jean-Francois Lyotard once said at a conference at USC, "Boff, oo is to say, ehn?" (The dude gets a lot of mileage from that.)

So, I've lost track this crazy month: did I have goals? Why, yes, you did.
  • Finish 60th birthday gift before 11/17--check!
  • Finish Summers to Come before 11/17--check!
  • Stitch "Beer" for dad--See above. Mistakes were made. Some were unstitched; some we kept.
  • Finish in-law ornaments--scrapped, and that was a brilliant idea
  • Finish caterpillar eyeglass holder--on tap for this weekend. Look for photos Monday.
  • Finish Skull Girl for Sissy--Plans changed. But, Melissa, I will stitch this someday!
  • Make felted soap for the dude--this won't take so long, she says checking in the cupboards for extra time to put in the day.
  • Blog every day--Done. (Swoons and falls down in heap.)
Here is my actual list for the first 25 days of December:
  • create snowman tree topper
  • caterpillar eyeglass holder for 12/5
  • finish fisherman ornament for 12/24
  • finish Elisabeth’s stocking for 12/24
  • finish Jillian’s stocking for 12/24
  • make lobster stew for 12/24
  • sew overnight case for 12/25
  • finish beer stitched piece for 12/25
  • felted soap for 12/25
I'll keep you posted!

PS Thanks for sticking with me for 30 days!


Susan said...

I just dropped in on the last day of the month, but I'm going backwards for the whole 30, honest!

jo said...

You done good!

Mindi said...

Good job on blogging every day for November. I sure saw the results in the constant high count in my reader. :)

Barbara said...

Whew, you got a lot done this month!!! And big congratulations on making it through the entire month of blogging with everything else you had going on.

Michelle said...

Congrats on getting so much done - and blogging all month too!! Good luck with your new goals. I am hoping elves (or hobbits) will show up to help me with mine.

Nic said...

Good job on the NaBloPoMo - I managed it too, although it took some planning - yours was much more entertaining than mine :o)