Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Start?

In preparation for our outing to the Phillies, I thought I would start a project that my coworker and I had planned to knit together. It's a pattern from Sophie's Yarns for a little beaded bag. I think I reported on our excursion a hundred years ago. Anyway, you have to load the beads onto the yarn, 325 of them. So, I got right on that. Well, first I had to find a big eye needle. Then I had to find the yarn. Then I had to find the needle again, and trust me, with the craft room in the state it's in, that was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Over a year later, with thoughts of knitting with the coworker at a baseball game dancing in my head, I reunited the big eye needle, the yarn, and the beads. After I pampered one sick dude, I sat down to Dancing with the Stars (Apolo Ohno is so on my hump island.) and managed to get ONE bead on the yarn. The beads are too small for my bamboo yarn, which is shredding under the effort. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.


Monsoon said...

Thanks for calling us cute...(although it is something we try to keep to ourselves, i guess i blew our cover). Tell me how you are converting Sweet Dreams to a birth sampler. I might do this...all the samplers I have seen for babies make we want to puke, ok some are not that bad, but not for MY baby. Are the colors ok? La D Da's photos stink when it comes to the true colors.

Michelle said...

Hope you can figure out the bead thing - that bag is so cute! I have been knitting away on my first ever knitting project. And I love Apolo too - don't watch DWTS, but I love watching him at the Olympics.