Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tis the Season to Stitch a Santa

For a while, I was avidly collecting Sandra Cozzolino's perforated paper santa ornaments. I think they are cute. In fact, I corresponded with her to get a complete list of all the kits she had designed. Here it is, my gift to you...

918 Santa Claus
919 Pere Noel
920 St. Nicholas
921 Sinterklaas
922 Father Christmas
923 Von Klaus
926 Grandfather Frost
927 Black Forest Santa
961 Patriotic Santa
962 Prairie Santa
963 Pioneer Santa
964 Mystical Santa
965 Magical Santa
966 Musical Santa
979 Solar Santa
980 Lunar Santa
981 Terrestrial Santa
982 Arctic Santa
983 Wilderness Santa
984 Nordic Santa
985 Birdhouse Santa
986 Garden Santa
987 Wildlife Santa
988 Feline Santa
989 Canine Santa
990 Equine Santa
997 Baker Santa
998 Tree Trimmer Santa
999 Toy Maker Santa
9000 Skiing Santa
9001 Hockey Santa
9002 Sledding Santa
9003 Noel Santa
9004 Joy Santa
9005 Peace Santa

093-323 Bee Keeper Santa
093-324 Greens Keeper Santa
093-325 Game Keeper Santa
093-329 St. Nick
093-330 Kris Kringle
093-331 Santa Claus
093-322 We Believe*
093-327 Deck the Halls*
093-328 Here Comes Santa*
Pere Noel - France
Sinterklaas - Holland
Father Christmas - Ireland
Babbo Natale - Italy
Santy Nick - Poland
Grandfather Frost - Russia
Mac Santa - Scotland
Papa Navidad - Spain
St. Nicholas - Switzerland
MHNS1 Juniper Santa
MHNS2 Holly Berry Santa
MHNS3 Pine Tree Santa
MHNS4 Northern Light Santa
MHNS5 Southern Cross Santa
MHNS6 Eastern Star Santa
MHWS7 Bell Ringer Santa
MHWS8 Frosty Santa
MHWS9 Holly and Ivy Santa
MHMS10 Mandolin Santa
MHMS11 Drum Santa
MHMS12 French Horn Santa
MHAS13 Bluebird Alpine Santa
MHAS14 Dove Alpine Santa
MHAS15 Cardinal Alpine Santa
MHMS16 Mt Ranier Santa
MHMS17 Mt McKinley Santa
MSMH18 Mt Whitney Santa
MHPS18 Snow Drift Santa
MHPS19 Ice Cap Santa
MHPS20 Glacier Santa

* Stocking kits which include Santa ornament

**Sandra only designed these for one year. However, Yarn Tree altered some of Sandra's designs and sold them the following years. Series two, three, and four are not by Ms Cozzolino.


jo said...

Having 5 of these on my Christmas tree and several others in my stash, I am so appreciative of this list! You'd think it would have clicked for me that one person did the majority of them. Duh.

Lelia said...

thank you for sharing this list. I only have one - mill hill bell ringer santa & it is a favorite.

I'll have to keep an eye out for more!

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm so pleased that people are interested in this. I had it in the queue for ages, but I just kept thinking people wouldn't be interested in seeing this. Silly me!

Jill Garling said...

I have been stitching these ornaments for 15 years and was thrilled to see this list. Thank you for posting it. I would love to get in touch with Sandra to tell her how much we love the 65 Santas I have completed and how I love her new designs each year.

Sally said...

I have about 25 of these Santas made so far. I love them. But it was only this year that I thought to put the names of the Santas and now the year completed on the back.I don't remember when I did the earlier ones, and I gave the earlier patterns to a friend so I don't have them. Therefore, I cannot identify 8 of the Santas. Does anyone know if there are pictures of the discontinued ones somewhere? SandysSantas website only has pictures of the ones still commercially available.

Anna van Schurman said...

Sally, I don't know where you could find such a thing, but I do have a lot of them if you could somehow get photos to me.

Sally said...

Oh, thank you! That would be great. My camera battery is dead --- too many pics of the grandkid LOL --- but I will charge it and take pics of the mystery ones and email them to you.

Susan said...

I would love to see any pictures of finished santas that you have I have just started them and only have 3 done

Sally said...

I have not taken pictures of the ones I have done the last few years. Have to remember to do that when I get them out next Christmas. I have pictures of several of them, however, in my Picasa needlework album
I love doing the ones with the beads.