Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Not Much Stitching

I didn't get much stitching done, between getting groceries after work and prepping the house for the cleaning woman. While watching MNF, I had an epiphany of sorts and decided to use one of my UFOs ("Enchanted Alphabet") for my alphabet round robin. I think of it as killing two birds with one stone, but there's really only one bird there, innit? I had done about 3 letters and a lot on the little girl, but I'm going to frog the letters and use the Needle Necessity substitutes that I got from rctn in 1998. I just have to grid the fabric and it's ready to go. I've also chosen "Chilly Willy and His Best Friend Nick" for the Sisters and Best Friends rr. That one's on the things-I-want-to-do-once-I've-finished-the-UFOs list, so again, I'm making the rr a useful exercise.

When I thought I wasn't going to have anything to say, I took this test. You thought I was going to be an academic girl, and while it's true that I've never left the university (between undergrad and grad school, I worked at academic publishers),
I am a hybrid of:
Progressive Girl
Indie Girl

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Progressive GirlIndie Girl
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It's so true about the Simpsons (Indie Girl). Everything in life is a Simpsons episode. But I'm a little less moderate and much more well, progressive.

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