Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Baby Still has No Name

And I'm still not working on his stuff. Last night, I finished up an ornament for my rr that mails in November. Do I just have problems with deadlines? I have two days left in September and a baby blanket to finish before then. I need a treat. Maybe next month, I'll let myself start something new--oh, right; I've already signed up for four round robins.

In the (Canadian) news, cross-stitch is on the way in, and knitting out:

Hot on the heels of the knitting craze, which reached its modern-day zenith last year, cross-stitch and needlepoint are the latest domestic arts to be reclaimed by urban hipsters. Just don't look for them to stitch couch cushions that read Home Sweet Home. (Calgary Herald, May 17, 2004, emphasis added)

The article features a pierced young woman who advocates shopping at subversive cross stitch. Don't we all?

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