Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Anniversary Party

I'm working, perhaps not as steadily as I would like, on Be Thee Mine, the anniversary gift for 7-14. I have a week. There's lots of over one stitching to be done. I wish I had done more while the Dude was away placing in another chess tournament! (Couldn't win because of the half a point bye he took so we could go see fireworks on the 4th.) He's doing so well, playing well above his rating.

Instead of using my private time wisely, I finished two scrapbooks: my mom's birthday party and our cross-country road trip. I also started a scrapbook for my aunt of her trip to Cali last May. It features her grand-daughters. Like her Christmas album, all the page titles are songs. (The Christmas album actually had Christmas carols.) The new book begins with "California Dreamin'" and continues with "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" (for the Oxnard Strawberry Festival). If you can think of a song about Legos, let me know!

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