Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Trash to Treasure

Last night, I was able to stuff and stitch up ten ornaments and two scissors fobs. Tonight I shall make cording and, over the next few days, I will attach the cording to complete the ornaments. I've come to the realization, after watching episode after episode of Clean Sweep, that if you don't finish the pieces you stitch, it's just clutter. I'm still working on the idea that stash collections can be clutter, but I'm clearly not that advanced. Actually, I've seen what they've done to women who make jewelry, scrapbooks, and other crafters, and I think I could handle it... if we had a space that we could share. Right now our study has way too many books for me to be able to consider half of it a stitcher's paradise. But the Dude has, after catching just glimpses of the show-he-can't-stand, decided that perhaps our books can be winnowed further. That would help. (We both have Ph.D.s in English literature. It's like a small town library.)

I have updated pictures that I promised recently:
  • Fa La La by Twisted Threads
  • CA Wells's Noel Ornament from one of the Celebrations of Needlework
  • Rolly Poly Santa

  • I will update the baby sampler and Professor Fizzby's Freebee soon. I have to wash the former and complete the latter.

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